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FFP - Masks

FFP protective masks belong to respirator group I and must be disposed of after use for hygienic reasons.
Wearing masks is not only part of a comprehensive protection concept, but also offers the user the certainty of safety in their work environment. The FFP masks are items of personal protective equipment (correspond to the legal requirements for personal protective equipment EU 2016/425) and serve both to protect oneself and to protect others.

The particle-filtering half masks (so-called "FFP masks", English for: "Filtering Face Piece") differ from the surgical masks in certain properties. They are always made of multi-layer plastics and contain special filter fleece ("meltblown fleece") supplemented by further filter layers, embedded between two layers of other material.

The performance class of the FFP mask varies depending on the filter properties based on legal requirements.

Classification of FFP masks:

  • Filter performance FFP 1 = filter at least 80%,
  • FFP 2 = at least 94%;
  • FFP 3 = at least 99% (related to the test aerosol used)