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ABS Socks

Disposable cotton socks - ABS

ABS disposable socks / stopper socks -
a perfect companion for everyday wear, to avoid slipping

Anti-slip socks - The sole is equipped with nubs.

description: 80% cotton, 20% polyamide.
The high-quality, skin-friendly cotton ensures pleasantly warm and dry feet. The socks are absorbent and durable.

applications: Particularly suitable for hospitals, can be used as a means of safe mobility to prevent possible damage from falls, for patients with limited mobility.

colour: available in desired color

sizes: S, M, L, XL

Order quantity from 5,000 pairs.

Normative and legal requirements

The disposable cotton socks are not medical devices according to the guidelines 93742 / EWG.

The product is a non-invasive product and contains no hazardous toxic substances according to REACH.

sterilization: unsterile

Washable: 30 degrees

customs tariff number: 6115.9500