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Examination gloves

Examination gloves


Nitrile gloves, blue, powder-free

EU production

PPE CAT I - personal protective equipment category

In sensitive working environments, continuous protection from head to toe is indispensable. Disposable gloves are a useful addition to the worn work clothing. Gloves should always be worn when contact with contaminated objects, pathogens and chemicals is to be assumed. Nitrile gloves protect the wearer from contamination and prevent the release of pathogens from the hand to the work environment.

Product description and purpose

The powder-free examination gloves are suitable for protection against germs in medicine, laboratories, the food industry and in nursing. The nitrile examination glove is latex-free and cannot trigger a latex allergy. People who experience allergic reactions to nitrile gloves are usually allergic to the chemical substances called accelerators found in these gloves. Accelerators are chemicals that glove manufacturers use a catalyst to accelerate the process of turning liquid latex into a gel form. However, the chances of having a true allergy to nitrile gloves are very low, and most reactions are actually due to contact dermatitis (irritation of the skin).



  • Powder Free Nitrile
  • Latex Free
  • Strong, durable and comfortable
  • Textured fingertips for good grip
  • Vinyl, BPA, phthalate and MBT Free
  • Beaded Cuff for extra strength
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Single Use Only, Non Sterile
  • Sizes - Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Colours - Blue

Normative and legal requirements

The disposable nitrile glove meets the requirements of the regulation EN 1186 - materials and objects in contact with food.

The disposable glove meets the requirements of the normative regulations (EU) 2016/425 Cat. 1 Safety requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and (EU) 10/2011 contact with food

The nitrile examination glove complies with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 Class I for medical products.
Standards covered: EN 455/1-4, EN ISO 15223-1, EN 1041, EN ISO 21420, EN 1186-5


  • Protect from sunlight, moisture and dust.
  • It is recommended to store in a temperature range of 5 °C and +35 °C.
  • Keep gloves at least 1 m away from sources of heat and ozone.


  • A pack of nitrile gloves contains 100 gloves in a dispenser box. Carton - 1000 pieces.
  • The blue nitrile disposable gloves are available in sizes S, M, L or XL and can be worn on either hand.